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From the reaches of Central & South America, to the wilds of East Africa and the mountains of Southern India, they chant our name, KaapiKaapi, KaapiKaapi...

Expertly crafted, lovingly roasted – our veteran Master Roaster combines art and science to create coffee beans like no other – all individually blind-tasted by our dedicated roasting team.

As passionate coffee lovers, we are excited to bring you exquisite coffees from the most exotic regions of the world. We know you’ll find the flavour profile you’re looking for, from our delicious espresso blends – SENA or RIO – to our Single Origin from Costa Rica, you’ll love how the world tastes with KaapiKaapi coffees.

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KaapiKaapi offers coffee lovers the best coffee beans online at great prices. Available online-only and freshly batch roasted, KaapiKaapi coffee beans will arrive at your door in packs specially designed to retain freshness longer.

If you like KaapiKaapi coffee at home, imagine enjoying it all day at work – companies who have regular requirements for their office coffee supply can also purchase orders online or contact us for wholesale rates and supply arrangements.

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And, with our  various café espresso blends, cafes can access our wholesale services and retail our coffees at amazing volume discounts. With no lock-in contracts, you can access fresh roasted coffee beans at even lower prices.

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KaapiKaapi time : 10 things about coffee that you possibly did not know

10 trivia about the coffee bean that will surprise you!

Did you know that half of all coffee producing countries are in Africa?

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We love Coffee. We also love small business as they are the backbone of any local community as well as a key engine of the Australian economy.

One of the key missions of KaapiKaapi is to give back to the local community and what better way than to support cafes who play a vital role in local communities. KaapiKaapi believes you should have easy access to the very best coffees of the world. Hence our team have blind tasted coffees to find the best coffee beans and have collaborated with a renowned veteran master roaster to craft some very fine tasting blends for your enjoyment.

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