Office Coffee Supplies with Coffee Machines on lease, rent or outright purchase

We love Coffee. At KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters, we believe great tasting coffee helps you to get into a beautiful state- whether it is the first thing in the morning or through the day. You should have easy access to the very best coffees in the world and it shouldn't cost you the earth!

Automatic Office Coffee Machines

We also understand that team morale and employee well-being is really important for productivity in every organisation. Easy access, convenience and simplicity is what we provide our corporate customers so they can help support their team members and workplace culture. Automatic Coffee Machines that can provide latte or hot chocolate to chai latte at a press of a button is available from KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters; or if your organisation wants to support their team members with a Barista making fresh coffee in their venues we provide state of the art commercial coffee machines and grinders as well.Coffee Machines for warehouses

Here are some ways of how we make it easy for offices, warehouses, hotels or other hospitality venues:

-Lease, rent or outright purchase of automatic/commercial coffee machines and grinders

-One stop shop for freshly roasted coffee beans, Nespresso compatible coffee pods, chai latte powder, hot chocolate powder, Decaf Coffee powder, Take-away coffee cups & lids, coffee trays, sugar sticks etc

-Access to special wholesale pricing means savings 

-Easy servicing and maintenance contracts for all your coffee machines

-Range of coffee machines to suit your budget and demand based on number of cups per day

You can try our fresh coffee beans by placing an order online or, you can choose to contact us for wholesale supply including machines, grinders & maintenance service contracts.

Want to know more, email us at or text us with your requirements on 0466 259 196

Office Coffee Beans supply

The roasting team at KaapiKaapi has blind tasted coffees to find the best coffee beans and we have collaborated with a master roaster to craft some very fine tasting blends for your enjoyment.

KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters was established in 2019 by a small bunch of passionate coffee-lovers so you don't have to pay for the huge overheads other coffee brands pass onto you. We are committed to saving Australian businesses money on their office coffee supplies without the compromise on quality. 

Office Coffee Beans supply

Our coffee beans are small batch roasted weekly to ensure our customers can access easily fresh roasted coffee beans  all year around. 

If you are unhappy with your current coffee supply arrangments or are looking for some exceptional brands of coffee and service please email us at or call/text us with your requirements on 0466 259 196