The cracked bean

  • Switch your wholesale coffee supplier and see how much you could save!

    Switch your wholesale coffee supplier and see how much you could save!

    We love Coffee. We also love small business as they are the backbone of any local community as well as a key engine of the Australian economy.

    One of the key missions of KaapiKaapi is to give back to the local community and what better way than to support cafes who play a vital role in local communities. KaapiKaapi believes you should have easy access to the very best coffees of the world. Hence our team have blind tasted coffees to find the best coffee beans and have collaborated with a renowned veteran master roaster to craft some very fine tasting blends for your enjoyment.

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  • Why Buying Coffee Beans Online is Better

    Why Buying Coffee Beans Online is Better

    With the move from physical stores to online selling platforms, some shoppers have questioned a less tangible, less tactile shopping experience. How does one know what they are buying; how can you guarantee the quality of something you cannot touch, see or smell? When buying coffee beans online these are some of the questions on peoples minds. Read on to see why you'll actually find some of the best coffee beans online. When buying coffee, freshness is a key consideration. Oils and gasses inside the coffee bean are released over time; the more time that has passed since the roast...

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  • The More Beans the Better, Are More Coffee Beans Coming to Sydney?

    The More Beans the Better, Are More Coffee Beans Coming to Sydney?

    Sydney is a vessel brimming with culture and serves as a creative hub for innovation in numerous industries. Coffee culture in Sydney is constantly evolving and expanding as are the players in the coffee roasting/supply game. KaapiKaapi are a team of passionate coffee lovers who carefully select and blind-tasted beans from around the world, ensuring that the distinct, rich flavours of each region is retained and enhanced. KaapiKaapi expertly roast  beans by individual origin to achieve the elusive sweet-spot that combines maximum personality with each bean’s unique flavour profile. And, to ensure ultimate freshness reaches your cup every time, our...

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  • Do the most expensive beans make the best coffee?

    Do the most expensive beans make the best coffee?

    There are countless coffee enthusiasts out there who claim that producing a great cup of coffee requires expensive beans. Although higher price points can offer some unique flavours and blends, the coffee bean is just one of the many parts that culminate in a great cup of joe. With that said, here are 5 key considerations in your quest for coffee nirvana! The coffee bean  Beans start out as seeds inside the cherries of the coffee plant. These seeds are the green coffee beans which are processed by workers before finding their way to a coffee roaster. Coffee beans can be...

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  • When goats don't sleep..

    When goats don't sleep..

     All great superheroes have an origin story so why wouldn’t coffee? From filter brews to the Italian espresso, coffee has made its mark as one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world today. But how did we get here?
     Legend has it that 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd Kaldi one day noticed his goats behaving erratically after eating the berries of a coffee plant. The same night his goats were so energetic that they did not sleep. In one version of the legend, he brings these berries (which contain green coffee beans) to a holy man.  The priest forbids their consumption, referencing their sinful, stimulating properties. Kaldi obeys. He throws them into the fire, but the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans...
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