Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters

Q: Do the Coffee bean prices listed for various products on KaapiKaapi website include GST?

A: All displayed prices on are exclusive of GST for sale in Australia as coffee does not attract GST. However, shipping prices are excluded from listed prices and will be calculated at the time of check-out based on the shipping address information provided. Shipping prices include GST. Other products may attract GST.

 Q: Are KaapiKaapi Coffee Beans available for cafes at wholesale prices?

A: Yes, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters has special wholesale prices for cafes with huge volume discounts. The more the cafe's requirement, the better the prices. SENA premium espresso coffee beans have been specially crafted by our master roaster for cafes.  Select cafes across Sydney from Rose Bay to Newtown, Parramatta to Prospect serve Huskies in Bikinis coffee, KaapiKaapi 100% Arabica & KaapiKaapi RIO Coffee Beans. However, cafes also have access to other KaapiKaapi products such as Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate powder, Dusting Chocolate powder, Takeaway cups & lids; Snackboxes and burger boxes and various packaging items. Interested cafes who wish to leverage KaapiKaapi wholesale prices should fill in this form; The KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters team will get back to them within 24 hours.

Q: Can KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters organise supplies to Offices?

A: Yes, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters does supply to offices based on their requirements and frequency. Offices can also leverage the wholesale prices as well automatic coffee machines or comemrcial coffee machines/grinders if they purchase in bulk and on a frequent basis if it suits their requirements. If you have any bulk order requirements, then offices can take advantage of wholesale prices. If you have any coffee bean requirements for your office, please email us at

Q: Once I place an order online how long will delivery of the coffee beans take?

A: KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters will endeavour it's best to organise packing & despatch as soon as it receives the order, normally within 24 hours. KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters is based in Sydney and if the order is received before 1pm- in general, same-city deliveries are expected to be delivered the next day and deliveries to nearby cities within 2-3 days. Please allow 4-10 days to Darwin, Perth, interstate regional and some remote areas. Though usually very speedy, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters and/or its shipping provider/s do not currently offer an express or guaranteed overnight delivery service. Shipping times may vary during holiday seasons and public holidays. There might be delays due to the current Covid lockdowns across various states.

Please Note: Remote parcel deliveries are charged a simple flat-rate surcharge of $13 (or $11.81 excl. GST) on top of the national rate.

For international deliveries/timeframes:

Zone 1 - New Zealand | 4-6 working days

Zone 2 - North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific | 6-13 working days

Zone 3 - Rest of the world | 10-15 working days

Access our shipping policy. 

Q: Does KaapiKaapi have a refund policy?

A: Yes, KaapiKaapi does have a refund policy which can be found here.

Q Does KaapiKaapi have a privacy policy?

A: Yes, KaapiKaapi does have a privacy policy that can be accessed here.

Q: Does KaapiKaapi have a shipping policy?

A: Yes, KaapiKaapi does have a shipping policy which can be accessed here.

Q: How long has KaapiKaapi Roasters been around as a business?

A: KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters was established in May 2019 with a mission of providing quality and great tasting coffee beans to Cafes and Coffee lovers, that doesn’t cost them the earth. Started by a group of coffee lovers, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters combines the art and science of coffee roasting to bring you the most exquisite coffee beans from around the world with brands such as Huskies in Bikinis, the kracked bean and KaapiKaapi.

Q: How is it that KaapiKaapi Roasters is able to provide great prices to wholesale customers?

A: We love Coffee. We also love small businesses and believe that they are the backbone of any local community, as well as a key engine of the Australian economy. We understand this very well as we are a small business too.

One of the key missions of KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters is also to give back to the local community and what better way than to support cafes who play a vital role in local communities. KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters believe that, you as a cafe or hospitality venue should have easy access to the very best wholesale supply of roasted coffee beans as well as the service you need to run your operations smoothly. Hence our team have blind tasted coffees to find the best coffee beans and have collaborated with a renowned Australian veteran master roaster to craft some very fine tasting blends for your customers enjoyment.

KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters are committed to supporting cafés, startups or established venues who are paying through the roof and struggling to keep doors open or in some cases even finding it difficult retain their valued baristas. Why pay more when you can save with us and plough back more cash into your business?

KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters is a young, growing brand so you won't have to pay for the huge overheads other coffee brands pass onto you. We are committed to supporting small businesses and cafes owned by Australian families, saving them money on their coffee. 

Our coffee beans are small-batch roasted weekly, to ensure our customers can easily access fresh roasted coffee beans. We provide you with access to a range of Coffee machines and grinders to suit your brand, venue, budget and offering.

Discover how KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters can supply you premium roasted coffee beans  provide support including leasing machines, grinders, servicing and a smarter way to access or own the latest coffee machines while helping you lower the cost of running your cafes. 

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Q: What are KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters' Top 5 popular selling coffee blends?

A: KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters' most selling Coffee Bean blends are:

1.KaapiKaapi 100% Arabica Espresso Coffee Beans- These 1kg roasted coffee beans come from East Africa, Central and South America. Small batch drum roasted.

With this exotic Colombian dominant blend, expect a balanced, sweet & flavourful-all-day coffee with notes of caramel, light fruits, walnut & pecan. Perfect coffee for flat whites/cappuccinos, long blacks or just plain espresso. Goes well with alternate milk too -soy or almond.

What makes this coffee blend so unique & distinct is that the beans come from Colombian Popayan plateau, Brazil's Minas Gerais and Ethiopian Sidamo regions.

Suitable for customers with Aeropress, Stovetops & Filter Coffee lovers. Just have to grind the coffee beans accordingly.

2.KaapiKaapi RIO Espresso Coffee Beans- This 1kg blend of medium dark roasted coffee beans come from the fascinating regions of South America, East Africa & South India. Small batch, drum roasted.

Origins and roast degree are specifically chosen to bring out a bold, sweet, long finish and aromatic coffee with notes of chocolate, earth, nuts & spice. Designed especially for those who prefer milk alternatives like soy or almond milk. Also goes very well with milk.

So if you are looking for the best value espresso from the very best coffee beans online try this today. This espresso is sure to delight and is surprisingly better than some of the established supermarket brands.

Suitable for customers with Aeropress, Stovetops & Filter Coffee lovers. Just have to grind the coffee beans accordingly.

3. the kracked bean Celebrations Blend- Blind tasted by our passionate team, enjoy carefully selected, premium 100% Arabica coffee beans from 4 different origins. The Celebrations blend has been drum roasted in small batches & exquisitely blended to reveal taste notes that compliment those joyous and special moments worth celebrating!

Expect a complex, yet balanced and full bodied coffee with taste notes of chocolate, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours. Now you can celebrate a diverse mix of select coffee origins from South and Central America as well as East Africa producing a well rounded, velvety mouthfeel.

With gentle acidity, rounded sweetness and a smooth fade, this blend will delight and surprise coffee lovers. Ideal for those that love it black or with milk.

Roast profile: Medium Dark ; Origins: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia & Kenya

Suitable for these brewing methods: Espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress. Available exclusively online in 250 gms pack.

4. Huskies in Bikinis Snowy Mountains Blend

5. Huskies in Bikinis Victorian Alps Blend.

Q: Is KaapiKaapi Roasters operating during Covid-19 pandemic & lockdown?

A. We are open and have been supplying freshly roasted coffee beans and other supplies uninterrupted to our Sydney based cafe customers on a weekly basis as well deliveries to our online customers across Australia. Most importantly , we are Covid Safe. All safety and precautions are being managed proactively in our HCCAP approved facility. Team members operate with masks and social distancing norms are maintained always. Contactless delivery is managed through out the supply chain. While some cafes have felt the impact of inconsistent supply of coffee or a drop in quality during these troubled times, KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters have been able to maintain consistency on all fronts mainly supply, quality & safety of our team members & customers.