Australia's leading wholesale coffee roaster in Sydney

Awaken your senses to the colours, aromas and flavours of Central & South America, East Africa and Asia with KaapiKaapi freshly roasted coffee beans.

Our team of passionate coffee lovers has carefully selected and blind-tasted coffee beans from around the world, to ensure the distinct, rich flavours of each region are retained and enhanced.

We expertly roast the beans by individual origin to achieve the elusive sweet-spot that combines maximum personality with each bean’s unique flavour profile. And, to ensure ultimate freshness reaches your cup every time, our Master Roaster insists on roasting small weekly batches.

We invite you to savour the vibrant colours and distinct flavours of the world with our range of KaapiKaapi coffees. All available online and delivered fresh to your door. Enjoy!

fresh coffee beans


KaapiKaapi is for Cafés

We understand how difficult it can be to source great tasting coffee beans at wholesale prices. Running a business means always trying to keep your overheads low while still providing the quality and service your customers expect.

KaapiKaapi coffee was established to assist our coffee community by delivering wholesale coffee beans at prices that won’t cost you the earth – which means more profit on every cup you sell! If you have been looking to switch your coffee bean supplier or your coffee roaster why not talk to KaapiKaapi and see what you can gain!

Ask us about our wholesale prices today!

fresh coffee beans


KaapiKaapi is for Community

As a growing coffee brand, KaapiKaapi has pledged a significant portion of our future profits to community and environmental initiatives.

This means that our customers can rest assured that they are supporting a brand who are committed to the local community and environment we belong to.

We plan to establish a community pledge page that will bring greater awareness to the causes we support. Stay tuned for more news on our commitment to community!

fresh coffee beans