Customer Testimonials KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters

"Have bought the Arabica blend numerous times now, favourite current coffee without a doubt. Also very fast delivery, usually next day"   T Jackson; 5 Star rating on Google Reviews
"I’m a big and very picky coffee drinker, and I must say that since I tried KaapiKaapi I always come back to it! Nothing else has matched its roast! Even my hubby who wasn’t big on coffee has started asking for a cup every morning (he particularly enjoys their arabica premium roast). I’m always happy with their product (Not to mention their great customer service!). Would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to start drinking and grinding their own coffee or any refined coffee drinkers."  L Tambrchi; 5 Star Review on Google Reviews
"Great tasting coffee from a relatively unknown brand. Am seeing them at more cafes. Highly recommend KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters. Particularly love their RIO & 100% Arabica coffee." Maxi Boy; 5 Star rating on Google Reviews
"Excellent coffee with rich flavours, have had theirs at a couple of cafes across Newtown, Rosebay, Dural and Deewhy. Would definitely recommend to more cafes to switch to serving KaapiKaapi blends. Go KaapiKaapi Coffee Roasters!! " A Marathe; 5 Star rating on Google Reviews
"Great flavour making for a great coffee!! would recommand!" Cassie H; 5 Star rating on Google reviews
"By far one of the best coffee that I have tried for as long as I have been in the business. I highly recommend it do try it you won't get disappointed." Arturos Pizza; 5 Star rating on Google Reviews