Arabica Premium Espresso. Medium roast. caramel, fruits, walnut, pecan. Colombia, Brazil & Ethiopia.

KaapiKaapi’s premium 100%  Arabica roasted coffee beans come from East Africa, Central and South America. With this exotic Colombian dominant blend, expect a balanced, sweet & flavourful-all-day coffee with notes of caramel, light fruits, walnut & pecan. What makes this coffee blend so unique & distinct is that the beans come from Colombian Popayan plateau, Brazil's Minas Gerais and Ethiopian Sidamo regions. One of our leading blends that's served proudly across select cafes in Sydney.

Customer Reviews

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Up there

Deep, rich flavours that come through perfectly. Tough not to rate this 5 stars. Not a hint of bitterness but a really intense, lovely flavour

Smooth espresso

I will definitely order again

One of the very best coffees I've ever had the pleasure of drinking

You know that moment when friends come to your house and you serve them a cup of coffee and then they talk about how great it is—like we're all in some weird coffee commercial, and then suddenly everyone catches themselves and laugh self-consciously, it's just like that. If you don't know that moment than try this Arabica.

I've trawled the cafes of Sydney and this unique blend I've yet to taste in any coffee shops' bean offerings. This is one of the very best coffees I've ever had the pleasure of drinking, completely without any bitterness and full of subtle notes to fire up your day.