The Importance of Packaging for Roasted Coffee Beans

The Importance of Packaging for Roasted Coffee Beans

From the green seed of the coffee cherry to the roasted beans that are ground and pressed into your morning espresso, dedicated coffee roasters are purposeful, patient, and precise in their approach to roasting. There are a myriad of carefully considered factors that affect the taste and quality of roasted coffee. These factors can range from the altitude of the coffee plant and soil characteristics to the temperature and method of roasting. This meticulous, controlled process undertaken in the pursuit of flavour and quality reveals the importance of preserving this flavour after the roasting.

Roasted coffee beans release CO2 gas weeks after roasting because of complex chemical reactions that occur during the roast process. Contrary to popular belief, grinding and consuming beans immediately after roasting can actually result in an inferior cup of coffee. This is because not enough time has been allowed for the majority of the CO2 gas to release. Expert recommendations slightly vary but the consensus is that roasted coffee beans peak in flavour around 5-10 days after roasting. It is clear then that too much CO2 can adversely affect the quality of your coffee but the importance of preserving some gas in packaged coffee cannot be understated. This remaining gas is essential in preserving the coffee's shelf life and flavour in the medium to long term.

The explosion of the coffee market has resulted in a surge in vendors who sell coffee beans online that are shipped domestically as well as wholesale to cafes. Some roasters - especially those who sell premium coffee beans, utilise one way degassing valves in their packaging to preserve their carefully crafted flavour profiles in the weeks after roasting. These valves allow any excess build up of gas to exit the packaging while ensuring that the beans are not oxidising with the outside atmosphere and going stale. Despite the additional packaging costs incurred with the degassing valve, there is little doubt surrounding the value they provide to roasters and coffee lovers alike.


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