The cracked bean / roasted coffee beans

  • Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

    Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

      The worlds unrelenting demand for coffee is no surprise with Australia importing roughly 80,000 tonnes of coffee beans each year. A majority of these beans are provided by the thousands of coffee farmers around the world, some whose families have been in the business for generations. The massive scale, complexity and saturation of the coffee supply chain has not only had a negative impact on the environment. Up until recently, coffee farmers have not seen their fair share of the profits.  Efforts such as the Fairtrade movement and Rainforest Alliance have been established to mitigate the gap in revenue...

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  • The Importance of Packaging for Roasted Coffee Beans

    The Importance of Packaging for Roasted Coffee Beans

    From the green seed of the coffee cherry to the roasted beans that are ground and pressed into your morning espresso, dedicated coffee roasters are purposeful, patient, and precise in their approach to roasting. There are a myriad of carefully considered factors that affect the taste and quality of roasted coffee. These factors can range from the altitude of the coffee plant and soil characteristics to the temperature and method of roasting. This meticulous, controlled process undertaken in the pursuit of flavour and quality reveals the importance of preserving this flavour after the roasting. Roasted coffee beans release CO2 gas...

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