Why Buying Coffee Beans Online is Better

Why Buying Coffee Beans Online is Better

With the move from physical stores to online selling platforms, some shoppers have questioned a less tangible, less tactile shopping experience. How does one know what they are buying; how can you guarantee the quality of something you cannot touch, see or smell? When buying coffee beans online these are some of the questions on peoples minds. Read on to see why you'll actually find some of the best coffee beans online.

When buying coffee, freshness is a key consideration. Oils and gasses inside the coffee bean are released over time; the more time that has passed since the roast date, the less fresh your coffee beans are. 

Retail coffee stores and supermarkets stock bags of coffee beans that may sit on the shop floor for weeks, even months. The intoxicating aroma of coffee that you smell on entering a shop/aisle are the gasses and aromas of roasted beans that have escaped their packaging.

Freshly batch roasted coffee beans

Online stores can cater more directly to the actual supply needs of their customers. Unlike big chain supermarkets who source beans roasted in massive quantities, online stores such as KaapiKaapi drum roast small batches weekly to ensure that customers receive the freshest coffee beans. Most generic coffee blends sold by retail stores are roasted with quantity and efficiency in mind. KaapiKaapi however, expertly roast  beans by individual origin to achieve the elusive sweet-spot that combines maximum personality with each bean’s unique flavour profile.

Aside from freshness, an obvious advantage with online stores is their convenience. At the click of a button, one can order coffee beans from the roaster to their doorstep; no hassles with parking and no need for cash. 

The relative simplicity of an online store means that KaapiKaapi can spend less time on the complexities of running a physical shop and more time on crafting each batch of coffee to our customers needs. It is after many trials and tests that we invite you to savour the wonderful coffee alchemy at play and experience the world of KaapiKaapi coffees. Awaken your senses to the colours, aromas and flavours of Central & South America, East Africa and Asia today!

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