KaapiKaapi Subscribe and Save: Terms & Conditions

1. KaapiKaapi customers can buy any product online as a one-time purchase or they can choose the subscribe & save option and get 15% discount. Please note that you are getting a 15% discount based on your agreement to subscribe to a minimum term of 3 occurrences. This means you are committing to purchase a minimum of 3 x 1kg KaapiKaapi premium coffee bean packs. Please also refer to point 4,5 & 6 of the terms below.

2. When customers choose the subscribe & save option for any product, they can also choose the frequency of delivery ie have coffees delivered either every 1-6 weeks or month.

3. KaapiKaapi customers can also choose the length of subscription ie either 3, 6 or 12 occurrences.

4. Please note that when you choose the subscribe & save option, you have agreed to purchase a minimum quantity of 3 x 1kg packs.

5. If you choose to cancel after 1 or 2 purchases there are no cancellation fees. You will simply need to pay out the full cost of the packs you have purchased -which would have been the price of the pack without the discount. 

6. If you decide to cancel the subscription mid way during your subscription term of the minimum 3 purchases / occurrences, then you will be charged the difference between the cost price and the discount you received during the initial purchases.

7. The discount is only applied on the product price and is not applicable to the shipping or courier price which will be added at check-out. Please refer to FAQs in the main menu for more information.

8.With KaapiKaapi, customers can have huge savings when they choose the subscribe & save option as well as the convenience of regular delivery without having to order fresh roasted coffee beans every time they run-out!

9. The longer the subscription the more the savings- if you choose say a KaapiKaapi product with an online price of say $34.99 with 12 occurrences, then you could save up to $63/- over that period of 12 occurrences. Now that is big savings for great tasting coffee combined with convenience.