Real Almond Milk w/ a tad of natural sweetness; 137 Degrees -1L


Introducing 137 Degrees real almond milk tad naturally sweetened. Real almond milk with a tad of sweetness from organic coconut flower nectar. 1L (1000ml)

And with 13% almonds unlike any other in the market. Don't even compare. (Most other Almond milk have nut content of only 2-3%) 

Made from the Best Quality Whole Almonds and naturally sweetened with a tad of sweetness from organic coconut flower nectar so you can enjoy guilt-free. Plus more nuts. Tastier!

Enjoy with your coffee, tea or even smoothie and protein milkshakes. Or you can enjoy this deliciousness pure by itself, in cereal or in your favourite home-cooked meals and baked goodies.

Healthy never tasted so good!

No added sugar. No vegetable gums or thickeners. No artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for Vegetarians.

13% Almond.

100% Vegan.

Dairy Free.

Gluten Free.

Cane Sugar Free. 

Lactose Free.

Carrageenan Free.

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All good

Excellence overload

Thank you for an excellent product and amazing customer service. It is finally available in Sydney. Highly recommended.