Real Almond Milk Unsweetened; 137 Degrees- 1L


Introducing 137 Degrees real almond milk. 1L

Real almond milk, original unsweetened with 13% almonds unlike any other in the market. Don't even compare as most other Almond milk available in Australia have nut content of only 2-3%. 

An unsweetened milk alternative. Ideal for your coffee, tea or even smoothie and protein milkshakes. Or you can enjoy this deliciousness pure by itself, in cereal or in your favourite home-cooked meals and baked goodies. Go with a premium quality alternative milk. More nuts. Tastier!

Healthy never tasted so good!

No added sugar. No vegetable gums or thickeners. No artificial colours or flavours.

13% Almond.

100% Vegan.

Dairy Free.

Gluten Free.

Cane Sugar Free. 

Lactose Free.

Carrageenan Free.

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Fast delivery and good service

I’m really happy to order with you ,you guy Look after the customer really good ,good taste ,good quality fast delivery . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️10/10